Program Name

Coding Young


Coding Young, USA


Beginner Level:

–    Introduction to Computer Programming with Scratch

–    Advanced Computer Programming with Scratch

–    Web development Fundamentals (HTML & CSS)


Intermediate Level:

–    Introduction to Python Programming

–    Introduction to Artificial Intelligence & Machine

–    Introduction to SQL Database

–    Advanced Web Development (Java Script)


Advanced Level:

–    Data Science – Interpretation & Visualisation

–    Advanced Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

–    Fullstack Web Development


Type of teaching

Live online

Age groups

7-17 years old


One session of 50 minutes. Generally, it takes 3-6 months to finish the course.


Class size

Options of 1student, 2, 3, or 4 students


–    $40 for the session for a group of 1 student only

–    $25 for the session for a group of 2 students

–    $20 for the session for a group of 3 students

–    $15 for the session for a group of 4 students

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