Digital Solutions

Grammar Booster

Grammar Booster is a student led, self-paced eLearning course developed by Native English Educators. Students interact with the content and receive immediate feedback throughout the course as they progress through the levels. this student-centric interactive course will give a boost to both your child’s English ability and confidence through engaging digital content.


Thousands of three-minute films and learning materials tailored to your curriculum including over 750 videos in Arabic.


An online platform that includes thousands of learning materials for grades (k-8) engaging learning games, animated movies, and activities designed with relevance, depth, and humor to encourage children on their unique learning paths.

Literacy Pro

A computer-adaptive test measures a student reading comprehension using authentic passages from fiction and non-fiction texts

Literacy Pro Library

An online library that offers unlimited access to 830+ fiction and nonfiction eBooks ranging in Lexile from Beginning Reader to 1340L.


An online literacy resource that pairs interactive, fictional videos storybooks with related nonfiction e-books. It engages young students, reinforces reading skills, and introduces early learners to a world of knowledge and exploration.

First Steps from Phonics to Reading

A unique story-based, whole language phonics program for 4 – 7 years old EFL learners.

Coding Lab

A structured program focuses on teaching coding starting from Rookie Coders 1 to 3, to Junior Coders 1 to 3 before progressing to Senior Coders 4 to 6.


A smart digital assistant helps teachers and students improve writing skills. Using Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, Scribo provides instant feedback and improvement suggestions about student’s texts.

KooBits- Problem Sums

An online platform for students to learn mathematics with a complete resource package for teachers to utilize, be it at home or in school. It has over 1000+ maths video lessons and over 120,000+ questions for ages 7-12.