Consultancy SERVICES

Majan Education is a leading education advisory and consultancy service in the region. Our extensive knowledge of local and international education systems helps us support and advise education service providers, investors, and organizations from around the world to reach their maximum potential. Our business is built on the foundations of our core values, as well as insights from the most senior influential figures of the education sector. Through our senior consultants and industry experts, we are proud to offer expert advice that puts you at the centre of the process.


Majan Education provides clients with cutting-edge data, analysis and knowledge about Education and higher education in the region. Clients access our research reports to optimise their projects, marketing and recruitment strategies. 

Academic Accreditation and Quality Assurance


Education Intelligence


Student Recruitment

Work with a range of education and higher education institutions to analyse student markets, identify best partners and strategies, and develop a plan with an integrated marketing campaign to increase profile and grow recruitment.

Future-Subject Demand in MENA

By surveying session makers, local students and their parents, and analysing social, cultural and economic trends, to provide unique insight into how student interest will change across a number of subject areas in the coming years. 

Transnational Education Partnership

By assessing the challenges and opportunities in education and higher education market in the region, and seeking out the best local partners, to help international institutions to develop their TNE strategy.

Digitizing curriculum and libraries


Customized programs