Digital Solutions

Grammar Booster

Grammar Booster is a student led, self-paced eLearning course developed by Native English Educators. Students interact with the content and receive immediate feedback throughout the course as they progress through the levels. this student-centric interactive course will give a boost to both your child’s English ability and confidence through engaging digital content.

Literacy Pro

A computer-adaptive test measures a student reading comprehension using authentic passages from fiction and non-fiction texts

Literacy Pro Library

An online library that offers unlimited access to 830+ fiction and nonfiction eBooks ranging in Lexile from Beginning Reader to 1340L.


An online literacy resource that pairs interactive, fictional videos storybooks with related nonfiction e-books. It engages young students, reinforces reading skills, and introduces early learners to a world of knowledge and exploration.

First Steps from Phonics to Reading

A unique story-based, whole language phonics program for 4 – 7 years old EFL learners.

Coding Lab

A structured program focuses on teaching coding starting from Rookie Coders 1 to 3, to Junior Coders 1 to 3 before progressing to Senior Coders 4 to 6.


A smart digital assistant helps teachers and students improve writing skills. Using Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, Scribo provides instant feedback and improvement suggestions about student’s texts.

KooBits- Problem Sums

An online platform for students to learn mathematics with a complete resource package for teachers to utilize, be it at home or in school. It has over 1000+ maths video lessons and over 120,000+ questions for ages 7-12.


Multi-channelled online streaming service for children to learn Science-Technology-Engneering-Mathematics (STEM)

Writing Buddy + Scribo

Writing Buddy X Scribo is a comprehensive platform that introduces learners to the writing process along with simple strategies to excel in writing. Learners will be able to run a writing check on their essay and receive instantaneous feedback for improvement


In seconds, Presto transforms English source text (wikipedia, text book, web materials or PDF docs…) into study notes complete with an auto-graded, multi-modal quiz.


e-homework platform to help Maths teachers bring their daily homework process online to support their teaching

Science Digital Suites

Science Digital Suite for Primary is a comprehensive science solution built to support the widely established 5E instructional model. It is suitable for Primary 1 to 6 students.

Maths Digital Suites

A comprehensive digital platform that combines interactive multimedia technology with instructional strategies to offer an engaging teaching and learning experience. It is suitable for Primary 1 to 6 students

Science Right On

Science, Right On! is the 21st century approach to learning. Built to support the widely established 5E instructional model, the digital channel is suitable for Secondary 1 to 4 students. Science, Right On! supports independent learning and frontal teaching method as well as offline mode for downloadable contents.

English with Coco

English with Coco is an interactive and engaging knowledge platform suitable for Grade 1 – 6 English Language learners. Content covers critical language skills that can be taught on its own (during ICT lessons) or concurrently with English classes.

Block-based coding with Ubbu

A user-friendly programme for K-6 learners that covers 30 hours of learning per level. Engaging fun-filled activities available in various learning modes that are aligned with CSTA and STEAM focus.

Coding Courses

Designed for Grades 5 to 10 learners to progress into guided learning, with emphasis on coding application in game design and development through project-based approach.

Python Coding

A coding course for learners from Grade 11 and above to dive deep into text-based programming using the Python language. Gain a deeper understanding of using Python to solve complex problems and learn-by-doing practical exercises related to real-world situations.

MCE Computer Science

A digital learning suite for Grades 10 & 11 which promotes self-directed learning and consists of 20 lessons aligned to computer science, mathematics and design.