Majan Education is an Oman-based education service and consultancy company that offers students, families, new and existing education providers in Oman and MENA region a wide range of education services to support the establishment, growth, and development of a successful, high-quality education sector.

Our Values

Majan Education champions Integrity, Creativity, Dependability, Commitment,
Loyalty, Innovation, Positivity, Perseverance, and Service.

Investment in education

Investment in education is the major trend in all GCC countries. This investment is shown in the percentage of governmental expenditure in education. According to GFH Education Sector Report (2020), government budgeted spends towards education range between 9-18% of government expenditure in the GCC… More


Consultancy Services

Majan Education is a leading education advisory and consultancy service in the region. Our extensive knowledge of local and international education systems helps us support and advise education service providers, investors, and organizations from around the world to reach their maximum potential. Our business is built on the foundations of our core values, as well as insights from the most senior influential figures of the education sector. Through our senior consultants and industry experts, we are proud to offer expert advice that puts you at the centre of the process.

Sales & marketing

One of the main services of Majan Education is Sales and Marketing. We partner with leading international education service providers to market and promote their products, solutions, and services in the region. With these partnerships, Majan Education enables students in the region to benefit from cutting-edge learning innovations and practices. On the other hand, these partnerships provide a window of opportunities for international education providers to introduce their services to new customers in the MENA region.

Study abroad and exchange programs

Through our partnership with EF, our clients consistently gain access to world-class schools and universities worldwide for their English programmes, study abroad, and exchange programmes. In collaboration with our partner, we manage the entire process with you, guiding you every step of the way, ensuring that you obtain the absolute best education.